Five Random Office Supply Facts



Did you know that chalkboards were not part of the US education system until 1801? Before the advent of the chalkboard as we know it today, students carried around their own smaller chalkboards, increasing the workload of teachers, as they had to continuously rewrite problems for each student. George Baron, a teacher at the Academy at West Point in New York, realized that chalkboards could effectively teach his lessons to a much larger audience.

The Telephone


Did you know “Ahoy” was the original telephone greeting? Alexander Graham Bell originally suggested that ‘ahoy’ be employed as the standard telephone greeting, as it was popularly used on ships. “Ahoy” was later superseded by Thomas Edison, who suggested “hello” instead.

Permanent Markers

Permanent Marker

Tip: To get permanent marker stains out of fabrics, saturating the stain in rubbing alcohol and hairspray before washing the fabric should get the unwanted stain out. If the permanent marker stain happens to be on a hard surface, rubbing some toothpaste on the dirtied area should remove the mark.

Electrical Cords and Plugs


Stay Safe! According to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical cords and plugs are responsible for the most civilian deaths related to electrical accidents each year. Follow these tips to keep yourself electrically safe!

Cork Boards:

cork board

Keep it Green: Cork boards are great when it comes to keeping and eco-friendly workplace. The process of stripping cork from the cork oak does not do damage to the tree and cork can be harvested many times from the same tree, at intervals of every nine years. Therefore, cork boards are like the goddesses of green wall fixtures.