Fruit vs Veggies to Describe Colors

celery office supplies

While browsing our site, I came across a stapler by Stanley Bostitch with the color “celery.” Stanley Bostitch is a pretty tough and manly brand and to have a stapler with the color celery seems almost humiliating. Anyways, that sparked my interest for wondering what inspires companies to  describe their products with food. I will be honest in saying that a grapefruit colored dress does sound enticing and would probably push me to buy it over calling it a pink dress.

Now, I have noticed a trend of discrimination. Why is it that marketers choose to describe the color of their products with fruit rather than vegetables? Is it because most people are picky and don’t like a lot of vegetables? Is it because fruit naturally looks better? Is it because fruit has some feminine connotations and marketers are targeting women?

Which do you prefer: tangerine folders or carrot folders?

tangerine office supplies

I’m still not sure whether or not a pumpkin is a fruit or vegetable.

pumpkin office supplies

Grape Office Products or Japanese Eggplant Office Products

grapes office supplies

Kiwis vs Peas. Pea colored pens? That might look weird

kiwi office supplies

Cherry vs Tomato Colored Paper

cherries office supplies

Apricot Colored Pens sounds yummy. How about Squash colored pens?

apricot office supplies

I can’t really think of any yellow veggies? Can you? I can only think of unripe yellow tomatoes.  Unripe Yellow Tomato paper?

banana office supplies

Blueberries. This one makes sense since there aren’t any blue veggies right?

blueberry office supplies

Lime sounds so yummy, Lettuce colored pens sound awful.

lime office supplies

Once again with the yellow veggie problem. Lemon is much better and easy to relate to.

lemon office supplies

Yummy watermelon post it notes- not so yummy cabbage post it notes.

watermelon office supplies

So here comes the true test of whether or not you are biased towards fruits or vegetables.

If you were selling a new purple digital camera, would you choose onion or plum?