Fun Lego Office Supplies!


As a child of the early 90s, I remember how absolutely obsessed everyone- boys & girls (though, mostly boys)- were obsessed with Legos. On snowy days, indoor recess consisted of my second grade peers stacking impressive Lego structures high for everyone to “ooh” and “ahh” at.

Well, guess what? Legos are just as cool as they were 20 something years ago! And Lego stationary is now available at Shoplet UK, which is something that everyone-parents & kids (though, mostly parents) can be excited about.

lego supplies at shoplet uk

Featured above:

+Lego Friends Bag TagĀ 

+Lego Brick Sharpener

+Lego Friends Brick Eraser

+Lego Journal, Classic Face

+Lego Pencil Case

+Lego Classic Stationary Set

+Lego Battery Sharpener

+Lego Retractable Pen Wrestler

+Lego Colour Pencil Set

+Lego Art Carosel Desk Tidy