Garfield for Your Computer

I read a lot of Garfield comics when I was a kid – both in the newspaper and comic books I had. I won’t say I’m a die hard fan but Garfield does hold a special place in my heart. Call me crazy, but those garfield keyboards look so fun this morning!

Garfield Mousepads from Amazon | Garfield Mice and Keyboards from Keyscaper

2 thoughts on “Garfield for Your Computer”

  1. Shannon says:

    These are totally adorable! I grew up loving Garfield and since I was born the same year as Garfield was created, 1978, somehow my family then decided that the majority of my birthday gifts and holiday presents over the years have all been related to Garfield somehow. I have never seen these keyboards and mice before and maybe my birthday that is coming in October my family will get me one. :-) Thanks for sharing the cool find!


  2. Andrew Burns says:

    I grew up reading the Garfield comics too. But I would not want this for my own but I am sure my young girl would love this for her own PC. She is a fan of the Garfield and Friends TV series.

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