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German Window Displays

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I decided to revisit one of my most favorite websites – Recyclart – to see what I’ve missed in the past month (I like to go through their archives list and open each one in a new tab.) My favorite piece was done by Natsuyo Koizumi (her website and blog) – she made bunnies out of toilet paper rolls for a window display! And these guys are seriously cute.

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As I poked around her site a little more I realized that she does this window displays all the time for the store below in Berlin, Germany.

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Starting in 2008, she’s created different displays for each season.  My favorites involve some type of office supplies (of course) and I made up titles because her site is in german/japanese.

The Straw Basket

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Paper Cranes

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Back to School Stacks w/ Apples
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Hanging Color Blocks

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And as a random addition – make a shrimp out of a plastic straw!

DIY Shrimp

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(There are lots of steps, otherwise I would have put the whole thing on our blog) Click to see the tutorial

Find some bendy straws at

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  2. Nice Friend says:

    There seems to be a lot of imagination – concerning windows displays – in Germany. I like especially the straw basket: must have been an awful lot of work. Nice pics. The shrimp and its tutorial are in another category: awesome!