Get a Success Bell on Shoplet?

Pacon Reward Bell + Stickers

I want a Success Bell. Why don’t we all get those? The Pacon “Reward Stickers with Success Bell” is probably a best seller on every office supplies site. Let me give you all the details I can find out this valuable item.

Our site says “A real school bell tops the sturdy, refillable reward sticker dispenser. Includes 200, 1 x 1 stickers in 15 designs.” (Nice and basic. I’m not sure what they mean by a real school bell. When I think “real school bell” I think the bell that rings in the hallway before you go to class. My mistake. )

Our competitors say “Reward stickers offer a way to motivate students. Refillable sticker holder is shaped like a school bell and contains 200 dynamic reward stickers.” (Stickers are motivational. Especially when they look they are from the 80s!)

“Use this reward sticker success bell as a motivational tool for students to continue down the path of success. 200 dynamic reward stickers are contained in a sturdy, refillable dispenser below the bell. Plus, this real school bell will get everyone’s attention too! Stickers come in assorted colors” (Way too many words to describe this bell and sticker set. This item that makes me think of Pavlov’s dogs is the tool to help students continue down the path of success? Might be just a little far-fetched.)

“A great motivational tool for students and fun for the teacher too. 200 dynamic reward stickers are contained in a sturdy, refillable dispenser. The real school bell is sure to get everyone’s attention.” (I don’t think teachers think this is that fun)

Now we have all wasted 5 whole minutes on some random item found at At least you can get school supplies from us by clicking HERE.

Oh you actually want a Success Bell set? Buy it Here If you buy it, you have to call it your success bell.

  • Very often we forget that recognition and rewards are very important to everybody. Whether we admit it or not it’s nice to get recognition for any good work that we do. In a lot of cases rewards are given at the end of a large project. The success bell is a great way to give rewards to a lot of people on the continuous basis rather than waiting until the end of a project.