Get Slicky With Slicky Notes!

Sticky notes, get ready to meet your match, because SLICKY NOTES have made their merry way to the market and they pretty much rule.


Slicky Notes are made from a polypropylene material, similar to that of your typical shopping bag. Because they rely on static electricity instead of adhesive glue, you don’t have to worry about leaving behind any gooey residue when you’re done with them. You just peel off your Slicky Note, stick it to the wall, and viola! When you’re all done with your Slicky Notes, feel free to to toss them away in your reliable plastic recycling bin (three cheers for being eco-friendly!).

Extra cool? Eco Static Inc., the folks who manufacture Slicky Notes, have made their concept dry erase-friendly. This means that they’re reusable! You can either use the back of your Slicky Note as a white board, or you can invest in Slicky Boards, which are basically giant Slicky Note sheets. With any spare cloth or dry eraser, any of your Slicky Note scribblings can be wiped away.

Slicky Notes are brand new to the American consumer market. For now, they’re only available online (psst! you can gettem at Shoplet!), but hopefully they’ll take off & revolutionize the way we think of sticky notes forever.


For those who have had the pleasure of working with Eco Static Inc.’s slicky products, good reviews continually abound. Slicky Notes were recently featured in a Gizmodo article, where they were praised for their versatility and ultimate feat over post-its.

And guess what? The team at Shoplet was lucky enough to get their hands on them this morning, as well! Actually, we happened to love Slicky Notes so much that we decided to make a “SLICK” Instagram video & Vine about them. Of course, by the end of the video, we had to mention exactly what we were feeling at the end of our long, long Friday…