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Get The Best Umbrella Out There

San%20Francisco%20Rain Get The Best Umbrella Out There

Here in New York, it rains a ton! I’m not used to this weather. You either need a hood or an umbrella almost everyday. Sadly I own a cheap umbrella from the Pay Half two doors down (one of those ones that doesn’t really curve down, it’s just kind of flat and when the wind catches it you are in big trouble) but I dream of having one of these beautiful and/or ridiculous umbrellas below.Help me pick which one I should buy. And if you say UFO Cap you have to pick again.

Option 1: The Light Saber Umbrella
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Useful at night and will brighten up those gray, rainy days. Just don’t feel tempted to use it as a real light saber.

Option 2: The UFO Cap
3444857786 070a2299f2 Get The Best Umbrella Out There

This is the easiest way to humiliate your self in public. This will make you look 50x dumber than one of those umbrella hats. The author of the article said how interesting it would be to watch someone try and itch their face. Like when dogs try to scratch themselves with one of those cones around their heads.

Option 3: Umbrella Shoes?
3444857852 e3b41faca4 Get The Best Umbrella Out There

I don’t even know what to say about these. It’s hard enough to walk in high heels by themselves. I can’t image adding something else to the struggle.

Option #3: Nubrella
3444857824 671f270ab0 Get The Best Umbrella Out There

Yeah it keeps out rain, snow, wet, cold and all that but it makes you look like you have a fish bowl on your head. But if you don’t care about looks at all it’s hands free and it will keep your top half nice and cozy!

Option #4 Senz Stealth Umbrella
3444857902 f41036e2ae Get The Best Umbrella Out There

So the story of my life is the umbrella that blows inside out. I feel like I always look like an idiot trying to control an umbrella that is dragging me all over the place. This is supposed to stop that doesn’t look as cute though.

Option #5 The Pileus Umbrella
3444039097 736b025aaa Get The Best Umbrella Out There

Wow an umbrella with a built in camera? What could be cooler??

Option #6 Umbrella Head
3444858024 72119d9f3b Get The Best Umbrella Out There
PS these have never been cool.

Option #7 The Twilight Umbrella
3444858056 43720c80ea Get The Best Umbrella Out There

Gray skies no more. Make your own pretty stars..probably looks really cool in pics.

Option #8 Smokers Umbrella (gross)
3444858074 5d07d0008d Get The Best Umbrella Out There

Don’t worry. This isn’t a real option.

Option #9 The iBrella
3444039263 3f1562bd1c Get The Best Umbrella Out There
I’m not always for the iPod combo but this one is hilarious. “This umbrella lets you play your iPod simply by opening and closing it. To randomize song playback, shake the umbrella wildly; volume is controlled by jabbing the umbrella in the air. The iBrella consists of “a pic microcontroller, a 2-axis accelerometer, hall-effect sensors, and a gyroscope.” You could injure a lot of people during your walk to work.

Option #10 Ballbrella
3444858096 d4bdc9a3f3 Get The Best Umbrella Out There

Yeah not a real option for me. I have played golf a few times and had my ball go in the water. I’m pretty sure it was more in the middle so this wouldn’t be so helpful for me, but it’s a fun thought.

Option #11 My Day Umbrella
3444039287 7ba1cde7e6 Get The Best Umbrella Out There
Pick from 6 different images + music! This I would sincerely like to have.

Option #12 The Forecast
3444039337 d756fd73ea Get The Best Umbrella Out There
Oooh is it going to rain? You can tell by the glow of the handle.

So after you have lots of cool umbrellas, you’re probably going to need an umbrella stand. We have lots of coat racks with umbrella stands on our site! Check them out. Oh and enjoy the rain (as much as you can.)

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  2. Alec says:

    Man, where do you find this stuff?!? Hilarious! I especially enjoyed the UFO Cap and the iBrella!!! Made me laugh, several times. Thanks!

  3. Grace says:

    I like the forecast one! I wish they had one that comes with a homing device so I wouldn’t lose them all the time!

  4. I’ve seen some of these before, I think a couple of them were shown on that inventing show that used to come on, I think it was called American Inventor. The ones on the shoes? Priceless.

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