Giant Office Supplies Are Useful Right?

It’s Wednesday and tomorrow is a holiday and well we need something entertaining. Like GIANT OFFICE SUPPLIES!!

Honey I shrunk your co-workers! But seriously, I’m not sure what the operation is at Pencil Craft. Do they hand make these pencils? Their website is such a treat.
So if you want any other giant office supplies, you should go to Great Big

Get some erasers with cheesy phrases.

Get crayons that you could use to discipline the person next to you.

I don’t even know how you use this whiteout

Sit on computer keys. Named SIT

Stab people with giant pushpins

Oh and paint a mural on your office wall.

Don’t worry they have other great stuff too. Like wouldn’t you have wanted this for your graduation?
Common objects. Uncommonly BIG sizes!_1239228403651
I think I would have hated my parents if they had bought me that.