Give Your Envelopes Windows

It’s a simple idea but man it makes envelopes look more fun! I got the idea from these Drop Around Window Envelopes I saw on UGUiSU. You can use an x-acto knife to cut any shapes you want, just stick a thick folded piece of paper inside the envelope so that you don’t cut all the way through.

I guess the window is technically missing on these but I like them that way (don’t stick anything small in there that could fall out!)

2 thoughts on “Give Your Envelopes Windows”

  1. Julie says:

    I think it would be a good idea to put some clear packing tape on the inside of the cut areas to reinforce the window so it wouldn’t get ripped open. Neat idea, though. Very pretty.

  2. Robert Cody says:

    Wow- those envelopes look really cool. With the holidays coming up soon, people can personalize cards, letters, and so forth.

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