glitter pranks and glitter cards

Glitter is such a funny item. You either really love it or you really hate it. Loving it happens when you open a card from your niece that’s decorated with glitter and so cute! Hating it is when it gets all over your hands and pours out of the envelope when you pull out the card. Loving it is when it is put in bowls with candles and the room likes sparkly and pretty. Hating it is after the party, when you can’t get all the little pieces out of your carpet with the vacuum. Once you bring glitter into your house, it never, ever goes away!

We are happy at Shoplet to supply you with the goods to do good or to do evil. We sell lots of glitter! Now you just have to decide, should I make my co-worker a card with glitter? Or should I pour out bottle after bottle of glitter all over their desk and floor. The card will make her happy and she may look at it from time to time. The glitter coating her office will always make her remember you and slowly create a burning hate. Your choice.

If you’re afraid of glitter, we have glitter crayons too.

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