Green Gift Wrapping

No one loves to wrap presents more than I do. Seriously. I love saving ribbons and tissue paper and cool newspapers written in foreign languages and boxes, etc. For those I really love, sometimes I’ll pull out a piece of my beloved fabric to wrap up their presents. I just use it like normal wrapping paper and I think it turns out pretty nice. A few weeks ago I discovered this magical way to wrap up presents.

Get rid of all that old fabric you have lying around the house or get some really cute christmas fabric at the store that they can use again! (Plus it will look like you’re really creative.)¬†Shopping for presents for the Holidays? Visit our Holiday Gift Center! Find presents for everyone on your list plus party supplies, batteries (for all those new toys!), and shipping supplies to send presents to all those far-away loved ones.Have any eco-friendly wrapping ideas? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “Green Gift Wrapping”

  1. Brenna says:

    Another Idea on Green Living!
    I like it, thank you!

  2. finacesholic says:

    nice post..i like this

  3. Evan Model says:

    Wow! Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

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