Green Your Routine: Get a Fabulous Office With These Simple Swaps

No matter how hard we try, paper and plastic products will always be a part of our lives; especially in the office. Just think about all of the documents that are on your desk every day. Bills, invoices, junk mail, letters, calendars, sticky notes, notebooks, scratch pads and printer paper. The same holds true when it comes to plastic. Even the keyboard we’re typing on to write this post is made of plastic. Some things are inescapable but there are smarter options out there. Let’s talk about green office supplies.

Office Basics


Pens, pads and Post-its are always on most people’s desks. Little disposable items such as these can really add up in a landfill. With a simple swap, you can trade virgin paper products for eco friendlier options. This one change can dramatically reduce the amount of trees cut for virgin paper each year. Did you know that post it notes are recyclable? Adding a paper recycling bin to your desk is a great idea too. You can also choose green office products like the ones featured above. All of these items are made using recycled material These Acco paper clips are made of 100% recycled content. These Westcott Kleen Earth scissors are made of recycled plastic and stainless steel. Our all time favorite pen, The Pilot B2P Ballpoint Pen, was once a plastic water bottle. These Post-It notes and Mead notebooks are also made of post consumer waste.

Organization and Printing

Basics 2

When it comes to copy paper, sustainability should be the first quality you look for. Look for products that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Councel), SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) or FSSI (Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative) Certified. These organizations work to protect our forests and ensure sustainable foresting practices. Shoplet paper is a great eco and pocket friendly option for everyday copy paper. If you’re looking for a planner, House of Doolittle uses only recycled paper waste for their products. Choose recycled manila like these Pendaflex Earthwise sleeves for filing. We also love this SJ Paper Fusion Clutch Organizer for keeping on your desktop.

Desks, Filing and Office Chairs


Didn’t know that office furniture could me made with recycled content and still look sharp? When most people think of products that are made from post consumer waste, there is an assumption that it’s probably not the most aesthetically pleasing result. This line up definitely breaks through that assumption!. If you’re looking for a simple desk solution, we love the HON 34000 Series Right Pedestal Desk. This desk is made of 47% recycled content! The HON 94000 Series Right Pedestal Desk is a great executive style option made with recycled materials and is certified by SCS to be in compliance with specific indoor air quality emission requirements. It also meets or exceeds applicable ANSI/BIFMA standards. The Safco Sol Task Chair is GreenGuard Certified and is made of 73% recycled material. The Office Star Designs Eco Leather Chair is sustainable and durable.

Do you have any eco friendly office supplies to suggest? We wanna know. Leave us a comment below with your faves!