Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!


Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day! Set aside some time to offer a word or two of meaningful thanks to your office manager, administrator, secretary, or whoever it is that ties all of the bits and bats of your crazy office together.

Don’t know how to go about saying “thanks” ?

Aside from professing your gratitude (which is usually more than enough) to the charismatic individual seated at your office’s front desk, it’s also nice to offer your office admin a few endearing gifts to commemorate his or her hard work.

Here are some super basic ideas:

-A new set of stationary, perhaps emblazoned with your office admin’s initials

-A one-day vacation! You + your coworkers can volunteer to ensure that all necessary responsibilities are covered throughout whichever day your admin takes off

-A gift certificate to a local cafe

-Tickets to a sports game or show (this type of gift can appear super thoughtful if you know what your admin’s interests are)

-A card, signed by the entire office

-A vase + flowers for your admin to keep at his/her desk

Chocolates (because most of us like chocolate)


This list is short & simple, but I think it gets to the point. Little gestures of thanks mean a whole lot to someone whose tidying managerial efforts often go overlooked.

Busy worker bees are all indebted to the service and support that office admins provide their offices every Monday through Friday. Shed some office love unto your office admins today <3