happy memorial day

Happy Memorial Day! I just got home from a week long road trip that took us to Michigan, Ohio, and different parts of upstate NY. We had the privilege of touring one of the premiere GM manufacturing facilities and I was so excited! Not only do I love seeing how things are made, I was excited to finally see one of those manufacturing facilities in Michigan that I always see in the news. It was fun to see the workers and try to better understand the problems American companies and workers are going through. We didn’t make it to Detroit but we did drive past Cleveland which maybe gave us a taste of Detroit? Not sure. The last few days of our trips we toured some history sites in NY and we had a guy from the Army in one of our tour groups. We talked to him a little bit about being in Afghanistan and other things in his life. While our conversation was short (even though I wanted to ask him a million questions), it made me remember how real the people are that are serving our country. They have lives and dreams and they are sacrificing so much to serve our country and keep us safe. Thank you a million times!

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