Twitter Roll: Happy #NationalHandwritingDay!

Happy National Handwriting Day!

Loads of people participated in National Handwriting Day today! The entire Shoplet team was really impressed by all of the artistic & insightful posts & comments that people generated on their social media pages with the hashtag #NationalHandwritingDay. In honor of everyone’s participation in this very pen-terrific holiday, we thought we would highlight a few of our favorite celebratory Tweet Pics on the Shoplet blog:


Leila Singleton has gorgeous penmanship! Follow her at @leila_singleton or visit her website. Leila informed us that one of her favorite types of pens to use when sketching is Bic!


Lauren Mira posted this lovely image, reminding us what National Handwriting Day is all about (celebrating your uniqueness!). Follow her @laurenmira or visit her awesome blog, MixieStudio.


Boutique marketing & design agency The MOD studio came up with a game called “Guess the Web Developer’s Handwriting.” Very clever :) Follow The Mod Studio @theMODstudio or check out their business here. 


Pilot Pen USA was TOTALLY cool this National Handwriting Day! They actually wrote out a response to each @PilotPenUSA mention *high five.*


Teacher, blogger and overall optimist Kerry Weymouth tweeted this lovely image of an ink gel pen with stationary! What better way to celebrate National Handwriting Day than to write meaningful letters? Follow Kerry @kerryweymouth or visit her brilliant website.

Texas A+M

Texas A&M tweeted the most elegant script! Follow them @TAMUCT


And here’s the little handwritten piece we made to honor this very special day. Follow Shoplet on Twitter @shoplet & purchase your favorite pens with us! The type of pen we used to sketch this image is Zebra, but our pen obsession doesn’t end there!

Happy Friday’s Eve, everyone!

  • Kathy Pearlman

    I had an article published in my local paper several years ago about handwriting. #NationalHandwritingDay

    • Diana

      That’s awesome Kathy! We’re happy see how much everyone really cares about the art of handwriting :)