Office Fun: Create Your Own Office Raffle and Lottery Tickets

Looking for a creative new way to generate excitement at your next office outing? Have we got the cutest little DIY idea for you! This is one for the books. We’ve seen this idea floating around and were beyond eager to try it ourselves…. Ready? DIY office raffle and lottery tickets! Now you can capture the fun of scratch-off lottery tickets for your next company drawing or send them out as a fun gift for your customers!

Here’s the tutorial from Artmind [Thanks Mitsy at Artmind!]:

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Step 1 – Design your lottery ticket and print it out on a piece of paper or directly on the cardstock (if your printer can take thick paper you can print it directly on the cardboard and skip this part). If you do it in two steps, it is nice to get a fun color background paper and glue the design onto the card.


Step 2 – Then you take a piece of lamination paper and put it over the area of your intended scratch-off.


Step 3 – Make sure that the picture underneath the paint is hidden. Add another layer if this is not the case.


Step 4 – Mix some metallic acrylic paint with washing liquid. Try to use 1 pump of washing liquid and 2 pumps of paint. Mix the substance throughly.


Step 5 – Paint the plastic part on the ticket and let it dry. Ta-da, your scratch-off is completed!


Step 6 – To play, all you need is a coin! And then… scratch! Oops, no luck for me.


Now it’s time to have a little fun. Let’s use some of that scrap paper you have sitting in the corner, print out a design, and give everyone scratch tickets. You will accomplish 3 things: 1) Make people feel excited about working, 2) Get rid of all that junk in the corner, and 3) Someone else will be feeling more cheerful because they won something- regardless of how major the prize is! (Last is definitely most important!)

Interested in trying this fun office tutorial? Leave a comment on our blog and tell us your thoughts!