Hello Kitty for Your Office :)

Hello Kitty is not for everyone and certainly not for that strict law office you work at but is there any harm in a few Hello Kitty items for your home office? Your purse? Your kid’s backpack? I will openly admit that I am a Hello Kitty fan and would not mind a Hello Kitty pencil or two in my pencil cup.

Lots of Hello Kitty Stuff!: Storage Container, Duck Tape, Dial Foam, Scented Folder, Memo Pad, Double Ring Notebook, Pencil Case, Orange Highlighter, Note Tab Marker Sticker, A4 Size Clip Board, Ballpoint Pen: Bows, A4 20 Page File Folder: Kawaii, Pencil Sharpener: Happy Day, A4 File Folder with Glitter, Eraser Pen, Clip Board With Letter Set, Paper Clip Set, Storage Case Set, Kitty Keyboard: Smile, Rolling Paper Clip Dispenser, Beach 8X DVD+R (25-pack), Black Laptop Case, Argyle Ruler, Pencils, Kitty Head Pencils, Scissors, Computer Mousepad, Apple Pencil Case, Nerd Laptop Case, Safety Scissors, Notebook Classic, Crystal Ballpoint Pen
(If I missed a link, let me know and I’ll try to find the product again!)

  • Kelly

    So many wonderful things. My granddaughter loves Hello Kitty. I bought so much at Christmas this last year. Now I’ve got some new ideas to get started on this years list. Thank you..

  • This brings back so many memories. When we were kids back in the early 80’s, there was a privately owned shop that sold Hello Kitty stationary. I think my sister and I alone kept them in business. <3 it! PS. I had no clue there was Hello Kitty duct tape!