highlight your clothes

My freshman year of college I fell asleep on an open highlighter while studying in my bed. I woke up to a HUGE circle of bright yellow that bled through my sheets and mattress pad. This would have been fine except that I lived in the dorms and the mattress pad was not my property. We actually had to turn them in at the end! So I took it home and put it out in the sun with a solution of bleach and Ajax and dishwashing soap (like Cascade or something.) That actually got rid of the stain!

I’ve been feeling like I really want some neon clothes lately – especially after seeing this beautiful Neon Love Pinterest board– and I remembered how well highlighters stain fabric. I pulled out some clothes that needed sprucing up and spent a few minutes coloring. I’m thinking I could do a lot more with this. Maybe a pattern? Maybe I could decorate a planner? I know you are probably reaching for your highlighter and staring at your shirt but make sure you think about it first because highlighters are pretty permanent! (Although the stains can be removed using these steps)

  • Grace

    I agree! Permanent markers are so fun (and useful)

  • michelle

    Sharpies/Marks a Lots still work for scuffed shoes and wallets!!