Hole Punch – Art From Hole Puncher

hole punch

This amazing piece of office supplies art is made by Steven Nicholson is a 2yr student at Plymouth university in the United Kingdom studying Graphic communications with typography. And apparently he is a genius with a hole punch? Check out this self portrait using 10 different sized hole punches on 1 piece of paper that he just sent over. Can you imagine the patience?

hole punch art

Courtesy of NOTCOT.

How long do you think this piece of hole punch art takes?

  • wow that is really cool

  • I need a single metal hole punch to punch holes
    in paper, with a 15/16 size. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • james

    Clearly, this is not hole punched. This is cut by a plotter/cutter device. It’s easy to create this design by using http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/ and converting the design into a vector, prep it for a plotter device, and let it cut!
    This is neat to do with paper, unlike what my art teacher from college did, which was a paper with just random hole punches. Like a bored, ADHD, student in jr. high would’ve done.

  • That is incredible! I make art using office supplies all the time to keep from drowning of boredom at work, but nothing that cool!

  • Questioning

    This is weird, becuase most hole puches I know would not be able to punch a hole in the middle of that piece of paper, or more then 2 – 3 inches in from the edge… so how did he punch the inside holes without folding the paper, etc..????

    Otherwise, this is a very cool thing.!


  • Julian

    Those would make really cool spray stencils.

  • SiriS

    the holes seem impossibly straight…

  • Very cool piece of art, I bet it didn’t take him as long as we think it did to make. I’m just surprised that the paper was so intact after essentially being weakened to scraps.