We Love these Home Office Must Haves!

home office

Not all of us may work a typical 9-5 shift at a corporate headquarters. A lot of people telecommute or operate their own home-based businesses.  While working at home may mean that you can make conference calls in your pajamas, it’s important for your home office to still look and feel professional. This way, you can actually get work done.

Creating an organized and well-stocked office space in your home is a great way to help you focus.

We’ve compiled a useful list of home office must-have for your professional workspace. These office supplies can help you stay centered and increase your productivity:

Filing Cabinet: It may not seem like a big deal at first, but you don’t want to turn around one day and find yourself swamped in random sheets of paper. You also don’t want to lose any important paperwork, like invoices, bank statements, etc. A filing cabinet is a great way to stay organized, so you can find the documents you need when you need them. Depending on the size and theme of the space that you’re working in, you can decide between different options: There are mobile filing cabinets, lateral, filing cabinets with different level quantities… the choices are endless. Who knew that filing cabinets were so versatile?

file cabinet

Desk Calendar: Keep track of important events, schedule conference calls, pick shipping dates– all without having to pull out a hefty planner or get sidetracked by apps on your smart phone. Tip: You can stay even MORE organized by color coding your calendar with highlighters. This way you know what type of event is happening when, what needs to be prioritized, etc.

desk calendar

Post-It Notes: Post-it notes are a great organizational tool. Use ‘em to make an inspiration board, note tentative dates on your calendar, or just jot down a random thought when it springs into your head. If your thought process is anything like mine, you may come up with a new idea or suddenly remember a task that needs completion at any moment – sticky notes are perfect for commemorating these occasions. If you work in a home office, it’s as simple as jotting the note down on a Post-It and carrying it over to your office space. *Tip: Buy Post-It notes in bulk –not only will you save money, but, if you use sticky notes as often as I do, you’ll always have a few handy.

post it

Desk Organizer: Working from home means you may be working within the confines of a limited space. And you probably don’t want your work items spilling over into the rest of your life. Keep your office supplies in one place (and I don’t mean all over the desk!). Investing in a good desk organizer will keep all of your pens, highlighters, (current) folders, and everything else in theirdesignated spaces. Less clutter=less stress, and a happier you!

desk org

What are your favorite supplies to keep your home office organized? Let us know in the comments below. We <3 fellow office supply enthusiasts!