How to Choose the Right…Camera!

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Choosing the Right Camera…is tough. It’s almost like choosing a new friend.

While you might have a bunch of wonderful and faithful friends, many of them probably enjoy tons of different hobbies and activities that you yourself don’t particularly enjoy. You like to have at least one or two friends who share your passion for checkers, or running, or art, or whatever keeps your heart and soul nourished with inspiration. The right camera should resemble the type of  friend who is totally down to do whatever you want to do—the one who’s prepared and ready for whatever adventure you’re about to embark on.


As always, we’re here to help you figure out which camera snaps the best shots for you :)



Old souls! Come hither! Film is not dead. Everyone’s seeking out digitized avenues like Instagram to capture the warm, nostalgic kodachrome colors you love. All the iPhone photography enthusiasts prob don’t even know what kodachrome is! (*Voms in mouth*). Seriously.  Make memories look beautiful the authentic way with film. Now, all ya gotta do is rummage through dad’s old cameras to find the perfect film cam for you!

film pic


Fujifilm Instax Mini:

So. You have a knack for film, but you don’t have the time or patience to learn how to operate an old film camera. F-stop…like, whaatt??? The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera is your free ticket to hued, authentic snapshots that aren’t kitsch. Super fly, super hip—you’ll be the swaggest photog at the party ;)



Hamilton Buhl Ruggedized and Waterproof Digital Camera:

This is the easiest camera to clean: just wash it in the sink! That’s right—this Hamilton Buhl Ruggedized and Waterproof camera is down to get rough and tough! They call it ruggedized for a reason. If you’re into water skiing, rock climbing, skiing, or power walking, or whatever, this camera is built to accompany you and resist all boo boos. It’s not the coolest looking camera, but it’s got the functionality and practicality anybody would expect from a resilient camera. Fun Fact: you can submerge the Hamilton Buhl Ruggedized and Waterproof camera under 3 meters of water! Now you can have fun befriending Parrot Fish and sea cucumbers on your trip to the Great Barrier Reef!



Canon Rebel:

Rebels are great lil’ SLR’s and function as perfect introductory models for aspiring professional photographers. They aren’t too bulky, like huge, ultra-professional cameras, but they also aren’t slim and light, like point and shoots. Rebels, like lots of introductory SLR cameras, will inspire you to learn about photography- about aperture, shutter speed, white balance, etc. If you show the right amount of dedication, you will learn to take incredible pictures with your SLR—people will start to wonder when you became such an expert photographer!

SLR’s are not only meant for newbie photographers. SLR’s are perfect for the professional photographer who isn’t necessarily taking pictures intended to be displayed in fine arts galleries. (Though, I’m sure that there have been a few SLR images displayed in the Chelsea galleries). For the hobby photographer, the one who understands the technological aspects of a camera, and is looking to snap a few meaningful, aesthetically brilliant shots, the SLR is a perfect buddy.



Fujifilm Professional

Alright. This is a true blue professional camera. It’s for the seasoned photographer, who really knows his/her photography-nerd stuff. You’ll be impressed by the FujiFilm Professional’s quality. If you’re not already a professional, you’ll feel like one as soon as this baby’s in your grips. After all, it’s called the “Professional.” Impress everyone with that heavy-duty camera of yours…you big shot, you.



Fuji Fine Pix x10 Digital Camera

The Fuji Fine Pix x10 Digital Camera is a nifty, trendy point and shoot. It’s cool, because it has the look and appeal of a film camera, catering to those hipsters who are, like, totally into everything vintage. It’s a little pricey, which is definitely not cool, but it’s small, has a neat zoom lens, is capable of capturing HD movies, etc. It’s just really funky and hip. You can’t help but like it. If you don’t want to look so 2005 when using your point and shoot, then this baby will make you look like you’re fresh out of 1950…or 2013. You know what they say: everything old is new again.




We hope we’ve helped you out :)


<3 Diana