I bought an eraselet!

So I missed out on the National Stationery Show and I’m still mad at myself for it. I live in New York and I could have gone for free. Dumb dumb. I was happy to see some pics of different products from the show on Pocket Blonde and so excited to discover the Eraselet!

It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bracelet that erases! You turn it inside out against your thumb and use it as an eraser. Such a great idea! I can’t vouch for the quality of the eraser but I will soon be able to because I bought 3! (The minimum order with free shipping is 3 bucks so I bought 3.) The lightning bolt one is for me and the others are probably for my nephew. Check out this great video below (seriously, so crazy) and read a letter from the wife of the inventor who sounds so nice!

Thank you for your interest in Eraselet, LLC. My husband, Bryan Ricci, invented the Eraselet as a way for our three young daughters, all in elementary school, to keep from losing their erasers. All three daughters love bracelets, so why not an eraser in the form of a bracelet? The product, a revolutionary eraser in the form of a bracelet, was given the title “Eraselet”, patent-pended and trademarked through the USPTO (United State Patent and Trademark Office).

It was important to both Bryan and I that our product, Eraselet, be made in the United States. It just didn’t seem right, in our country’s current financial situation, to send good jobs overseas. After being told time and again that we would have to go outside the US to find an affordable manufacturer, we were more than pleased when we found Alliance Rubber Company in Hot Springs, Arkansas! Alliance Rubber has been family owned and operated since 1923. By staying firm to our commitment, every time you buy an Eraselet, you are helping to provide jobs right here in the USA!

Eraselet has also provided us with a way to help others. We are excited to be able to share our product with you, to help you to Erase Your Cause! Through our non-profit, Erase World Hunger, we are able to provide food, clean drinking water and love to children in this country as well as countries all around the world. What does your non-profit do and how can we help you to Erase Your Cause?