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Introducing That Guy! Office Supplies

When you’re thinking of that guy, often you’re thinking oh no! That guy’s the worst!

“That Guy” is the dude (or gal) who snags your parking space, shrugs, then proceeds to talk your ear off. “That Guy” has no foundation for his judgmental objections, but vocalizes his or her judgmental objections anyway. I love to hear myself talk, “That Guy” thinks to him or herself, my head is full of hot air and I have no idea what I’m talking about. Still, you work with “That Guy,” are somehow pretty good friends with “That Guy,” & have a true-blue soft spot for “That Guy.” Even though “That Guy” is kind of intolerably annoying most of the time, there are still sometimes when “That Guy” is not so, so bad, right?!?

A salute to “That Guy,” AH-YO! Industries launched a complete That Guy! series of office supplies! “Because let’s face it,” AH-YO! Industries explains, “we all know THAT GUY!”

Take our your revenge on “That Guy” with That Guy! office supplies! Here are a few of my favorites:

ThatGuy RollMe TapeDispense Introducing That Guy! Office Supplies

Spin that guy around the washing machine in this That Guy! Roll me – Tape Dispenser

xC62iX0q1RKlMZQk2IQKSfWbichYwvpQC2bIN8vPTxA Introducing That Guy! Office Supplies

That Guy! magnets are so bright and happy, you’ll forget that you kinda never liked “That Guy” in the first place!

Az MllRhxYK9aavIDtTgFI31z zxBMjPxZrp2v1K8xQ Introducing That Guy! Office Supplies

“That Guy” feeds you paperclips in a That Guy! paperclip dispenser

z6ySLlz UuH8pi V0pc2IZz3yhdBxAV9SDwwLaNjuZY Introducing That Guy! Office Supplies

Have “That Guy” lasso your wires & whatever all together with That Guy! Tie Me Up Adjustable Lassos

AwHd9gmn TPWWY5vs7gOy  Imp2xfiKBT8h52wRvZY0 Introducing That Guy! Office Supplies

SO USEFUL! We <3 the That Guy! Use Me Laptop Tool Kit! Your electronics never looked cleaner, thanks to “That Guy.” :)

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