Label Your Spices with Avery

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You’re thinking we are trying to make a huge push for Avery products right now, aren’t you? I promise that we love Avery just like we love all the rest. This post was inspired by one of our product reviewers who said..

“The product was shipped the next day after I ordered it and it is exactly as advertised.(win for us!) I use these clear round labels on my spice tins.”

Oh how I love to hear how people use office supplies. This is the product she was talking about:

Avery Permanent ID Labels

What’s so awesome about these? a) they are invisible and b) you can print on them! For all those neat obsessed freaks out there, these are for you.

Inspired to redesign your spice collection?

Here’s what to do:

1) Click here to buy the Avery Labels
2) Download the template to design your labels (they don’t have to be clear!)
3) Order or go get some spice jars from Ikea
4) Done.

Did I mention the reviewer called herself Lazy Chef? I rename him or her Smart Chef.

One thought on “Label Your Spices with Avery”

  1. Juba says:

    The avery labels are great and extremely cheap.

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