Back to School Essentials to Stock Up On

It’s that time again! Fall is fast approaching, and so is the start of another school season! If you guys are like us, then your favorite part of the back to school season is stocking up on all of those amazing school supplies! There’s nothing more awesome than a brand spanking new notebook with a cool design and a fresh pack of pens and pencils. Sheer bliss! Although we love our school supplies, what we don’t love are the super packed stores, impossible parking lots, long check out lines, messy aisles, and the hordes of crazy deal seekers who practically dumpster dive into the sale bins. Wait.. is this Black Friday or back to school?

Luckily, you don’t have to fight for a parking spot or wait an hour on the check out line just to score a deal. Shoplet has everything you’ll need for back to school without having to resort to dealing with.. well, this…

Here are some of our essential back to school items that will have your little scholar studying in style!

Decorative Notebooks and folders

Pick your notebooks and folders a la carte or stock up for the ENTIRE YEAR! We love the Modern Jen series from Roaring Springs! These notebooks have gorgeous decorative covers that are also durable. You can mix and match colors and patterns and even designate patters to identify each subject! These are great for grades 9-12 and even for college bound students.
Modern Jen


Pens and Pencils

K-2: For little learners, try Cadoozles pencils. They are smaller and fit perfectly in little hands. They are also available in lots of different colors and patterns. Perfect for grades K-2. Kids loved them!

CadoozleGrades 2-8: For kids who tend to lose pens easily, choosing a cost effective options is definitely a priority. The Bic Round Stick Ball Point Pen is a great choice for kids in this age group.

Bic Round StickGrades 9-12: The R.S.V.P. Pen from Pentel is hands down one of the longest lasting pens we know of. If your student is busy writing tons of notes and runs through pens quickly, then these are the pens for you. They come in lots of colors and are also wallet friendly!

Pentel rsvpCollege bound: For students who need a little more tech in their pen, we suggest the Zebra retractable stylus pen. This pen is a great all in one option for students who also use technology while in school. They’re also stylish!

Zebra stylisArt supplies

Colored pencils anyone? We have an assortment for every skill level. Try Crayola for younger kids and Prismacolor for more sophisticated art classes. We also recommend scissors, glue, erasers, markers and hi-lighters to round out your assortment.

Art SuppliesTech items

Every high schooler needs a TI83, 84 or an 89 calculator. Depending on your classes, some college students will need one too! Don’t forget a flash drive or portable hard drive to make transferring school projects and files easy. Even basics such as printers, computers or tablets can sometimes be forgotten in all of the back to school hubbub, so make sure to check out our Tech page for all of the essentials.

TI 84Dorm essentials

Storage Storage Storage! Let’s face it. Dorm life is hard, and tiny! Making the most out of the space you have and still staying organized is key to a successful school year. Try these super cute and colorful crates from Storex. Don’t forget desk organizers, and making use of available wall space with hooks and hangers.

Storex crateIf you are still shopping for back to school items, check out our Back to School page on You’ll find everything you need. Shop by grade level or simply look up your school’s supply list right on our site! We wish everyone a happy and healthy back to school season!

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