Lisa Frank at Urban Outfitters

For those who live for Lisa Frank, stock up on limited edition items at Urban Outfitters! I’m pretty sure I had a love moment with Lisa Frank, although I might have been an 8 year old at the tail end of the craze. Wouldn’t this make an awesome prank/happy surprise? You could switch out all your co-workers’ supplies with Lisa Frank stationery! That would be awesome.

P.S. Happy Halloween! And, sorry about the silence yesterday. We were very grateful to have power in our apartment in Brooklyn but lost the internet/TV Monday night. Our neighborhood was hit with high winds but nothing else. It was hard to believe all the insanity that was happening on the coast around us! We’re definitely praying for those hit hard by the storm.

One thought on “Lisa Frank at Urban Outfitters”

  1. Betty Baez says:

    and the memories pour in!!! wow! loved lisa frank growing up. I might have to pick up a few things for the little sis

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