LOVE the Energizer Bunny? Tell us & Get One!

energizer is excited to give away lots of cute pink Energizer Bunnies®! We have 5 large huggable bunnies and 5 cute little bunnies that you can win!

All you have to do is comment on this blog post and tell us why you LOVE the Energizer Bunny® in 20 words or less. 

Oh and don’t forget to be creative and really sell it. We’ll be reading all of them and picking our favorite ones! Please please keep it clean and family friendly. We don’t welcome any comments that are offensive or scandalous in any way.

Sample Admissions:

“I LOVE the energizer bunny because of this commercial! And because he’s pink”

“I played in the marching band in highschool and I love his drum”

“I saw him at the Macy’s Day Parade and he looked rockin!”

“When I wake up I remember him and tell myself to get going!”

You get the point.  Make sure when you comment to use an email address you actually check (not because we actually want to give you a bunny. Contest Winners must be located in the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

We’ll be reading all your comments until Tuesday, June 30 and picking the winners on Wednesday, July 1!

(And if you all the sudden remembered that you’re out of batteries, stock up on Energizer Batteries at!)

Please send any questions, comments, feedback to marketing at shoplet dot com. Please note Shoplet reserves the right to amend, modify and/or withdraw this promotion/campaign at anytime.

Thanks to all who participated!

  • ANA


  • USMC Sgt

    I love the energizer bunny because that is who my wife say I am. I keep going and going and going……………

  • he has the coolest shades and when he’s not wearing them guess who is when he;s kicking back re-energizing!!!

  • Mikaela Rhoads

    I love the energizer bunny because he keeps going and going, with flip flops on, which is hard!

  • Hayden

    I love the energizer bunny because he just keeps on going!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • I love the energizer bunny because that is who I am. I keep going and going and going. Git R Done!

  • Hi,
    Hey I missed this offer. I would Love to have this energizer bunny!Thanks.

  • Renee Poupard

    My mom has often been compared to the energizer bunny – she can stay up al nighht and does night seem to be tired the next day. She helped me plan my wedding and made all the flowers for the wedding by staying up at night b/c she works a full time job (shes never made flowers and taught herself how) I saw an energizer bunny in a store recently and they coudn’t sell it to b/c it as a promotiona piece. This would be the perfect thank you gift and I am desperately seekingone out for my personal energizer bunny!

  • Amy Goodman

    I love the energizer bunny! Ever since we were kids we’d love when those cute commercials come on! :)keep on going…and going…and going!

  • Dennis Henthorn

    Hop! Hop! Hurray! Love that super-duper power-hoppin’ Energizer Bunny. He’s a charmer – He’s the best – always on target!

  • taptag

    We love to watch the energizer bunny, when he comes on the commercial goes across the screen and then a couple more commercial goes by and he will come across and let all the viewers knows that the bunny lives up to its name cause he is sill going, several commercial later. He is a very cute bunny, especially with his shades and flip flops, You couldn’t have pick any thing better than that.

  • Cat >^..^

    I love the Energizer Bunny because he’s downright cute! My dad and I both loved the Bunny and commercials he starred in because they were so well done, clever and funny. For years we searched and searched for a mechanical Energizer Bunny that would roll along beating his drum and waving his ears, but alas, all we ever found was a tiny Energizer Bunny flashlight. Yep, we got one!
    If I’m lucky enought to be a Bunny winner I will present it to my dad and we’ll relive some good ol’ times with the Energizer bunny!

  • Jed

    It has become one of the classic icons in advertising – even to the point of appearing in ads for other products – or at least appearing to do so. As a classic, it has stood the test of time – I suspect we’ll still enjoy that bunny 10 years from now promoting rechargable batteries for our cars!

  • Especially on a sunny day, his shades make me and my honey love that funny bunny.

  • fleur

    Energizer bunny is pink, wearing shades, drums gets your attention and reminds you to keep on going!

  • Venna

    Energizer bunny is just amazing… It’s pink and it has drums to capture everyone’s attention… and it will NOT stop until its noticed! It is wearing shades because its really cool to have energizer, the batteries that last long… and an inspiration to get things done… it will keep you going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going………..
    I just love the energizer bunny!

  • He’s a powerhouse in shades-
    Will never need aid!
    EB’s secret of strength?
    Energizer keeps him in the pink!

  • I Love the Energizer bunny, because he is sauve, even though he is pink…you don’t get any cooler than that ;)

  • I love the Energizer Bunny because he is cute and full of energy that lasts and lasts.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  • merissa

    For one thats the only battery my family uses second hes pink third he has a drum and i love the drums and i just love him!!

  • Taylor

    Because my mom has a stockpile of Energizer Batteries in a huge rubbermaid container! So it’s only fitting that the bunny should grace our home too!! And yes I can take pictures!!!!

    Plus I collect stuffed Animals!

  • I love the Energizer Bunny because first of all he’s pink 2nd of all he just like me since I started back to work, doing my blog, taking care of my hubby and the kids. I keep going & going & going!!!

    And 3rd?? He’s the only bunny I know cool enough to wear flip flops LOL!!

  • Karen R

    I love The Energizer Bunny because he makes a fun commercial. Sometimes his commercial is better than the television show. He is one unforgettable guy. He has the confidence to wear pink. You just gotta love him.

  • ashley c

    I’ve loved the energizer bunny for every, the commercials are always so inventive and entertaining. I’m always curious what you’ll come up with next

  • k. c.

    I love the Energizer Bunny because he wears flip flops and sunglasses! Super cool!

  • Alyson

    We have three boys that keep going, along with their toys! This “cool” bunny is the mascot of our home!

  • I love the Energizer Bunny because he marches to a different drummer: himself!

  • Energizer Bunny is loved because he has so much spunk and energy that never runs dry..just like my dottie!

  • I love the Energizer Bunny because he just keeps going, and going, and going and going.. and hes cuddly and cute & has sa-weet shades :)

  • I love the energizer bunny, He’s always been my favorite since I was a kid. I used to have the energy of the energizer…now my kids are my “energizer bunnies”. I just know they would get a kick out of this.

  • I LOVE the Energizer Bunny because he reminds me of my daughter … always in pink and NEVER STOPS GOING!!

  • I love the Energizer Bunny because he’s pink and still has the confidence to kick ass all day on that big drum of his. Plus, he’s wearing shades.