make it with office supplies!

I seem to always have a growing list of cool projects to do using office supplies. The 5 Projects in this post are a few of my favorites! Who doesn’t need a way to waste time at work? (and have something show for it?) If you want to make Super Mario Cart above click here.

Use paper clips and this tutorial to make a knitting spool!

Build the starship enterprise out of office supplies! Instructions + binder clips, sharpie pens, pens, cds, glue stick, and hot glue gun

Make beautiful flowers out of coffee filters! (steal some from your office for this) Tutorial on Design*Sponge

Best of all – the office supplies rocket! Take a sharpie marker and an air duster to make an awesome rocket! Watch the tutorial video to make yours.

Have a cool office supplies project? Share it in the comments below!