Make Life out of Scotch Tape


I feel inspired to create everything I’ve ever seen out of scotch tape. Inspiration comes from Mark Jenkins (his site HERE) who is so famous that he has his own Wikipedia Page. He was born in Virginia, and apparently lives in DC right now? From an interview: He grew up with a strong music and arts background and graduated with a degree in geology. As a kid he created his first tape sculpture from a pencil in class (don’t waste tape! he was probably told) and he revisited the idea many years later in Rio de Janeiro. He began casting everything his apartment and even made himself sick from the smell. His neighbors hated the sound of the packaging tape ripping over and over again and one neighbor through mud all over his clothes when they were hanging out to dry. He’s done all sorts of different projects.

Here are some of my favorites:





Now it’s your turn! Make your own: (From
Here’s how:


Cover baby (or any object you’d like) with plastic or cling wrap.


Cover baby with 2-3 layers of tape.



Cut baby out with scissors or a razor, following the red dotted lines. Carefully pull off the shell.


You should get this.


Match up seams and tape together.

After you know all the steps, you can make stuff like this: (at least other people did..)



Thanks Mark Jenkins for the best use ever of scotch tape


And if you happen to make something cool after reading this post…put a picture online and mention it in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Make Life out of Scotch Tape”

  1. Tom says:

    Cool use for some extra tape!

  2. Dan Puroclean says:

    I’ve seen those those before they are amazing but I’ve always wondered how they did it. The photos with the doll explain it – I’m going to give it a try myself – he he

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  5. AC Guy says:

    That’s awesome, I wonder what can tape up here at the office. Replacing the computer equipment on my coworkers desk comes to mind…

  6. Aaron says:

    That is too cool!!!

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