make your own desk calendar

I’m always debating what the best way is to keep track of my calendar and things I need to do. Sometimes I just keep track in my head (which kind of works), really important, far away plans go in as a reminder in my phone, and I’ve tried various forms of written calendars. I tried to keep track in a little notebook that I kept in my purse but it was always getting scrunched and just wasn’t big enough. I decided that I need a desk calendar, one that I can flip through week by week. Once I made that decision, I ran to a few different places to find the perfect weekly calendar. Could not find it. Then I came home, found an old art notebook that hadn’t been used, and made my own.

You can go all out and make it pretty with colored pencils and markers or just write it in with pencil really quick. (which is what I did for the first few months) I keep it on my desk right next to my computer and refer to it during the day to add items or figure out what I need to do next.

I realize that there are a lot of calendars out there but sometimes it’s hard to drop 30 bucks on a calendar, especially when you don’t know if you really like the design that much. Try this Sketch Book if you want to make your own:

If you’re not the type to make your own calendar, then this is just a quick reminder to shop our 2011 Calendar Center! We have every type of calendar, appointment book, and business journal you could ever think of.