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Mini Bostitch Staplers!

I love love love these mini staplers. Can’t get enough of them. The pink one is a Bostitch Mini which takes mini staples and the blue one is a Pocket Bostitch which takes standard staples. They both staple up to 20 sheets at a time and open up for tacking. Plus, there is a sneaky staple remover on the back! I think I like the pink one best.

Do you have a mini stapler? What brand?

P.S. In case you’re dying to try these out, good news! They are in the Winter Craft Giveaway too!

2 thoughts on “Mini Bostitch Staplers!”

  1. funkypeanut says:

    I have a mini Swingline that I’ve been carrying around for years. It has a compartment on the bottom side for carrying extra staples, and it’s held up to a LOT of abuse. It’s even the colors of my last alma mater.

  2. Grace says:

    ooh that sounds nice!

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