Mother’s Day Giveaway Video Blitz (CLOSED)

UPDATE: Congrats to Sara A., winner of our Mother’s Day Giveaway Video Blitz! Your mom is going to be super excited to score this neat bundle. 

Mother's Day Giveaway

Mother’s Day Giveaway

C’mon, you can definitely do better than a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s day. And let’s be honest here, can you really call something a Mother’s Day present if it’s just going to wilt in a week? This year, show mom how much you appreciate her (and how insanely resourceful you are) by getting your hands on this gorgeous momma inspired office bundle. From busy working moms to scrapbooking divas, this bundle will keep even the most stylish of mom’s feeling fabulously put together. And the best part is, she can actually get some good use out of it! Better add this event to your calendar because our Mother’s Day Giveaway Video Blitz is for 1 day only! Here are the details.

Join us Wednesday, May 6th 2015 (one day only) for our Mother’s Day Giveaway.

To Enter: Just leave us a comment on our Facebook page or right here on this blog post answering the question in the video.

Wanna know what’s included in this awesome Mother’s Day Prize bundle? Here’s what’s inside.

Swingline High Heel Stapler

– Tops Idea Collective Hardcover Journal

– Post-it Super Sticky Note Pad

– Post-it Note Dispenser with Premium Three-Month Evernote Subscription

– Westcott Non Stick Scissors

Trial size of HP EcoFFICIENT Paper

– Globe-weis Fashion Poly Zip Envelope

We look forward to seeing you all there and make sure to stay tuned for the video post coming soon!




  • Tod Winkelman

    The fondest memory of my mom, when she was still with us she loved to bake and cook. Well when I was little our family had season tickets to the Chicago Bears. With me being the youngest I wasn’t allowed to go. So my mom seeing how upset I was taught me to bake and cook. I only wish she was still around to see how much I love doing it.

  • Misti

    My fondest memory of my mom is of her teaching me to bake.

  • lisa mcfarland

    some of the best memories of my mom are the trips we have gone on together – especially about five years ago when she took me, my sisters and my sister in law to chicago for a long weekend for our christmas presents. such wonderful fun!

  • Anna Pry

    my fondest memory is just the simple times snuggling up with her on the couch

  • Holly

    Loved all our outings as a kid, my parents were separated so she got me on the weekends, we got to do lots of fun stuff, go to the arcade, eat junk food, Sea World trips, had a lot of great memories!

  • I loved when the weekend came we were always out in the woods hanging out riding are motorcycles and hanging off the tailgate of the truck going down dirt roads . Good times !

  • My fondest memory of my Mom was when she went to a play I was in “The Wizard Of Oz” she made me feel like I was a movie star…I knew she was so very proud of me. She was my biggest cheer leader and wonderful Mom..xoxo

  • beatrice sepulveda

    The memory I have is her always buying me Disney movies. She was a single mother and every paycheck I got a new dress & Disney movie

  • regina helm

    My fondest memory of my Mom is the look on her face when I told her I was pregnant with my second child. She was so happy. My Mom had lung cancer and thought she wasn’t going to make it to see her Granddaughter. But she did. The last picture I have of My Beautiful Mom is her and My Daughter. This is My first Mother’s Day without her.

  • Kari S.

    My fondest moments of my mom were her being their for me during the births of all my kids, pampering me and then helping the few days after coming home..

  • tamara

    My fondest memory of my mom is when I was about 8 or 9 she would come get me from school and take me to work with her every day and I would get to hang out with her and her coworkers until my dad got off and we would dance around the room to the band when she wasn’t busy with costumers

  • Karen Y.

    My mother sacrificed her great job in China to immigrate to the United States and be with me. She’s simply awesome! All my memories of her are the fondest!

  • Elena Vo

    The fondest memory of my mother is that one time when her and I got snowed in at her house a few years ago. I only came for one day but ended up staying for five. We cooked together, played cards with her neighbors, and overall had a good time…I loved being able to just talk to her and to listen to her stories from her childhood and mine.

  • Michelle

    The sweetest memory with my mom was when we went on a trip to New York for my 21st birthday! We went shopping, saw plays on Broadway and just had a great time together!

  • Ron Miller

    laughed at every joke I made!

  • my fondest memory of my mom is when she would check me out of school for no reason and we would go shopping

  • tracy sidlik

    Going on shopping trips and just spending time with her she is my best friend .

  • Elaine Powell

    just remembering her becoming a Widow at age 40. my Dad passed at age 44. She became an even stronger Parent, with 3 teenage children.

  • Khristinie

    My fondest memory of my mom is when she will come over almost every night so she can read my boys a story and sit with them until they fall asleep.

  • wendy c g

    Fondest memory would be when she and my grandma took me to Disney world for the 1st time. It was so much fun.

  • Katherine Pickering

    I have to say my mom strong taught us to keep our chins up set our minds to it we can accomplish everything! I love my mom

  • sandra davis

    My fondest memory of my Mom is being in the kitchen cooking with her. How I wish she was still here to make more memories.

  • Angela

    My fondest memory of my mom…wow, there are so many memories that so fond. I’m going to go with the love she showed for my daddy during his funeral. What a strong lady she is.

  • My favorite memory of my mom is making cookies at Christmas time

  • Julie johnson

    My favorite memory of my mom is that even if I hurt her feelings she knows Im just playing. She picks me up when I am down. I love my mom so much

  • earlene johnson

    Having dinner with my kids and getting things I need

  • Kathleen Hook

    When my mom hugged me after my car accident.

  • Vicki B

    My fondest memory of my mother is when I was in 3rd grade she told me I had to go to my doctor appointment,so she gave me an early dismissal from school to go and when I got to the building where I thought my doctors was, it wasn’t my doctors at al, it was Sesame Street live ! I was so happy and I had the time of my life ! It was definitely one of the coolest things my mom ever did for me!

  • Randi Slavey

    Would love this gift set. Could do so much with these item’s & my kids too

  • Cindy Murphy

    My fondest memory of my Mom is holding her close like she was my child, not knowing it would be the last tome but definitely treasure the memory of those last minutes together.

  • Holly

    My fondest memory is when I was in girl scouts I wanted to sell a lot of cookies. Momma made sure I did. I was the top cookie seller all because of my momma hard work. She made sure we were happy kids. She was the best single momma out there. I love you momma.

  • Sherry

    The fondest memory of my mom was when she gave me to my grandmother when I was three months old

  • Stephanie desfosses

    My fondest memory of my momma is all the camping trips we would take during the summer, my mother was never one to stay put, always on the go exploring new things meeting new people. I love that about her

  • Jennifer Hedden

    My fondest memory of my mom is all the times that she made time to help me with my school work growing up. She would always have neat ways to teach me new material. She taught me so much growing up. She is my best friend and my hero.

  • Windy

    My fondest memory of my mom is just the days where she would laugh with my siblings and I. Where we would all be laughing so hard shes’d have tears streaming down her cheeks. I do miss hearing my mom laugh.

  • Isabel O

    My fondest memory of my mom is that every christmas, we would bake cookies and pies together. It was our tradition since I was little and to this day, we still do it! I love my mom with all of my heart.

  • Brandi O

    I can’t say that I have a fondest memory of my mother because my mom has done so much for me my entire life. She is always there in the good times and in the bad times. She is THE BEST FRIEND I could ever ask for. My mom is just AWESOME!

  • Sandra A Moreau

    When I was a Polic Officer, I couoldn’t get Christmas off to celebrate with Mom and my extended family. About midnight, I got a call from her asking me to meet her. We met behind an abandoned warehouse a few minutes later. She had her Sister and my cousins with her. They had all brought me a home cooked Christmas dinner and went to great lengths to get it to me warm. It is my all time favorite Christmas memory. God bless my Mom.

  • Jennifer O.

    My fondest memories of my mother are when she read to me as a young girl. She helped me learn to read and develop a love of reading. We still share books today!

  • Jennifer Demusis

    My best moments with my mother was when she would secretly sneak me to the Big Boys resteraunt to have some a lone time with me. I will cherish those moments forever. RIP. Mom.

  • Lauren s

    Thanks for the chance!

  • I want to win this please

  • Maryann D.

    My fondest memory of my mother is baking cookies for the holidays, my dad would help too and my brother and I enjoyed it so much.

  • Shaynna

    My fondest memory with my mom is her hard-working example as a single mom, she had three different jobs to buy a house for me and my brother.

  • This would be soooo AWSOME to win

  • Jessica

    My fondest memory with my mother… well, I cannot choose just one because every moment I spend with her is wonderful! My mother is literally my best friend. We used to do everything together. I do not see her as much now, but we still talk all the time. She is the one person in my life I know I can always count on.

  • Amber

    The fondest memory that I have with my momma was seeing her hold my baby boy for the first time when he was in the NICU.

  • Cara Day

    My fondest memory of my mom would be any family dinner she would make when I was a child. My mother is the best cook, as I’m sure everyone else’s mother is as well

  • Melissa A Stacy

    My fondest memory of my mother is her teaching me how to cook.

  • Maggie Gomez

    My fondest memory of my mother was went she told me that she was not my mother. I know it would see that how that could be the most memory moment with my mo but is it. She told me that that even thought she was not the woman that gave me birth, she was the one that would always would be with me all the times. That moments i knew that she was the best mom i could ask because even thought she never had kids he knew how to be a mom that would always be their for you.. I love you Mammy

  • Kim Teed

    My fondest memory of my mom (who has been gone for nearly 23 years) was the day I showed up at her house with my 3 month old son after traveling across the country to get there. She had just missed his birth so this was going to be the first time she met him. We arrived at my parents house around 9 PM in November and my mother opened the door, grabbed the baby out of my arms and closed the door in my face. I stood there in shock and disbelief and started to cry. Then I opened the door and there sat my mother in her recliner with tears of joy running down her face, holding my son and talking to him with such love and adoration it melted my heart. You see my mother had cancer and did not know how long she had to live and this was her first grandchild. She made every moment with my son special and memorable up to the day she died (when he was barely 6).

  • would love to win this

  • Grace

    My dearest to my heart memory I put on your fb page.

  • Roxanne Scheimann

    My fondest memory of my mother so far is the day she found out she was cancer free! She had a rare form of breast cancer. She fought it and won! I was so proud of her and ecstatically happy for her. She was just beaming!

  • Jessica McQueen

    The greatest memories with my Mom are her being with me for each of my babies birth (I have 3!)
    She never missed one, was the for my entire labor on each, and offered the GREATEST support, & love!

  • my favorite memory of my mom is her holding my hand and being by my side while I gave birth. It’s something that the two of us will treasure forever

  • My fondest memory with my mother is playing outside in Arkansas. Hanging clothes on the line and running around. I remember one day when a cow got out of the field and literally ate our trash can lol.

  • Grace

    The fondest memory of my mother is when she would take me out for an “Adult” dinner to celebrate my grades each semester. I love lobster and I always got the same thing: lazy mans lobster!

  • Alexis Cuffy

    My fondest memory of my mother was having her come to visit me during lunch in pre-k. She would buy me and big cookie and come sit with me since she was a teacher at the school I attended :)


    My fondest memory of my mother is when she would cook! She could cook ANYTHING! Everything was homemade.. cakes…cookies..bakes beans and biscuits…. she was a great cook I miss that about her..

  • Cassandra Bowser

    The fondest memory I have of my mama is when I watched her cut my 1st daughters (her 1st grandchild) umbilical cord. She was so proud to be a grandma! I remember looking at her feeling proud to have made her that happy. She is more than an amazing mom, she’s an outstanding grandma

  • kristy Blanchard

    The fondest memory I have is hanging out with my Mom to go shopping and skipping school. Only once a year she would say. Best day of the year.

  • Andrea Snow

    My fondest memory of my mom is when she would take us all to the drive in movies we had the funnest time.

  • Stephanie myers

    A very nice pack! Would love a chance for my mama! I think if I had to pick my fondest would be my mom waking me up as a little girl singing “good morning little yellow bird” to me very softly while playing with me hair.

  • Helen Saez

    My sweetest memory of my Mom. Where do I start? I have so many. first one would be in elementary school,, at Christmas, she would always volunteer t help us make gingerbread house. but the best memory is, last July 10th, when I delieverd my 1st baby, she was in the room with me to welcome him into the world.. that is and always will be my favorite memory!

  • anne

    my fondest memory with my mother would be when she would read to me and my twin sister at night. No rowdy boys allowed

  • Amanda Taccino

    Her teaching me to give to others even when I had nothing to give:)

  • brandi lampe

    My fondest memories of my mom is baking all kinds of wonderful smelling goodies together! My mom has always been the best cook and I’m filled with love and feel so blessed every time I smell something yummy cooking in the kitchen!

  • Lindsey McCutchen

    My fondest memory is how much my mother loved her mother
    She cared for her in our home until my grandmother passed on.
    She taught me so much compassion and love. My grandma
    Wasn’t the easiest to deal with and never saw my mom loose
    Her love and compassion.

  • Stacie Caire

    My fondest memory is in the kitchen making meals, having discussions, making memories and I do the same with my son.

  • Cassandra Cooper

    The fondest memory I can recall is when I had a babysitting job and saved all my money just so I could take my mother to a carnival for her birthday. We had a great time and it was well spent.

  • Christine A.

    My fondest memory of my mom is when she made homemade chicken noodle soup when I would get a cold.

  • Erica Moore

    The fondest memory I have of my mother is the day she took me in and adopted me.

  • stephanie c

    The sweetest memory I have with my mom was the day i had my son. She was in the room along with my husband and I will never forget the look on her face or the tears of joy that followed his first cry. I’m so happy that I got to share that experience with her and it’s something I’ll remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

  • Catherine Toppel

    my best memory of my mom is taking her to Vegas to celebrate the end of her chemo from breast cancer

  • Kirsten Kassee

    My mother is an all around amazing woman. She raised me when my father wasn’t there. She done everything she could possibly do for my sister and I. There’s so many memories I’ve had with her. My favorite has to be when she started attending Church and gave her life to Jesus Christ, and only a few years later, I found Christ. Seems like every moment since then we’ve grown closer as not only as mother and daughter, but best friends as well. I am truly blessed to have such an awesome woman to call mom. I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

  • RainnK.

    My Mom passed away many years ago, but i I clearly remember her teaching me how to make dressing for Thanksgiving. I think of her every day, but I miss her most on Thanksgiving when I’m preparing dinner.

  • Chelsea walter

    My fondest memory of my mother is that she has always told me everyday how much she loves me and glad that God made her my mother! She always put the family before herself and never asked for anything in return. I love my mother more than anything!!

  • Kirsten Kassee

    My mother was an all around amazing woman. She raised me when my father wasn’t there. She done everything she could possibly do for my sister and I. There’s so many memories I’ve had with her. My favorite has to be when she started attending Church and gave her life to Jesus Christ, and only a few years later, I found Christ. Seems like every moment since then we’ve grown closer as not only as mother and daughter, but best friends as well. I am truly blessed to have such an awesome woman to call mom. I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

  • jill McKelvey

    My mom till this day is the most caring person, understanding would do anything for anyone

  • My fondest Memory of my grandmother would have to be playing uno on her house boat. Miss those days so much! Hope to be able to do the same with my kids some day! Miss you to the moon and back! Happy Mother’s Day!

  • i remember my parents and siblings moving out to my father’s parents homestead farm, which was just 2 houses up from my place (Married with Children). They only stayed out there during summer vacation.

    One morning I walked up there to visit and when I walked into the living room I noticed my sister and her boyfriend sleeping on the couch.

    Now, I had to be in and boyfriend gone by 10:30 p.m., so I was quite indignant and marched out to my mom to ask her about it.

    Her response? “They have their clothes on”

    Really! My reply was, “And how long does it take to unzip a zipper?”

    She was so innocent sometimes.

  • Donna Groves

    My fondest memory of my mom is from when I was fairly young. She and my dad were separated and divorcing so she had to move in with her parents, sister and brother in law. She worked hard to cloth and care for me, but Saturday was our special day for some Mommy and me time. On Saturday we would drive 1 mile to our McDonald’s where we would talk, eat, laugh and play on the old fashioned metal playgrounds. We did not have much, but we had that and I am eternally grateful for that special alone time with her.

  • Angela Maglio

    How she used to sing and dance to make light of bad situations. Always wanted to make everyone happy ♡ I miss her a lot ♡

  • Rachel Allen

    My fondest memory is my mother is the most patient person in the world. She always takes the time to make a special card and remember everyones birthday or special occasion and ahe could use this prize pack!

  • Melissa Mathews

    When my mom met my oldest daughter for the first time (my oldest was born 2 days before my mom’s 50th birthday)

  • angela

    My mom is strong , beautiful she has always been there for me . I WAS A YOUNG TEENAGE MOM and she helped me not be a statistic of a failure, I went back to school to finish my education. She helped when I got a job and babysat and attended college. I love her for being so strong as a single mother. She has been there always holding my hand and helping me to stay strong.

  • somer

    My fondest memory of my mother is cooking together during the holidays, we always have so much fun!

  • maryjomort

    My mom and daughter deserve a special MD due to what the family has been through.I believe they are brave and deserving.

  • Criscia ansell

    I have so many great memories of my mom like chasing her with frogs or tickling her feet. She hates both. Or our fishing trips were she would pack us a lunch and we would stop on the sand bars to eat and swim.

  • Nicole

    My fondest memory of my mother was just her being there! She was always there for my brother and I no matter what was going on in her life. We always came first. She passed in a fatal car accident in 2011 and it’s been the hardest thing I have ever been through! I will always remember and love her more than ever!

  • Felicia Hutchinson

    My fondest memory of my mom is that every night at bed time she would say our prayers with us and kiss us good night, even into our teenage years. She will still do it now if we ask!!

  • Serena Tucker

    My fondest memory of my mom is she was the only one who would take care of me when I was sick and be up all nigh with my migraines. She would lay with me rubbing the back of my head and read me stories. Best time ever even with being in pain. Now I do the same with my daughters. We learn from the best our mommies

  • Gisell

    Awesome ..I need it for my work desk

  • Kim

    my memories of my mom were how she was always there for me being supportive in every way with unconditional love as if I could do no wrong that would have her stop loving and caring for me. I remember how after every surgery I had she would be there wiping my eyes and waking me up and telling me everything was ok and every time I would have to spend time in the hospital for other medical issues she was always there by my bedside, gently rubbing my hand to let me know she was with me and although we live in different states now, when ever I am hospitalized she tries her best to come visit me if not she calls me every day to let me know she is thinking of me and wishing she was there to hold my hand. When I am feeling better and am at home we call and talk several times a week about everything and anything, she is my rock.

  • Vicky

    I have so many good memories with my mom that I can’t pick one. She is always there for me and my family.

  • Carolyn Spanola

    how she always had supper on the table

  • Ashley Stamey Phillips

    My Mom!!! She is the most giving, independent, strong, hardworking, unselfish person I know! I love my Moma!!’ She is extremely special to me and so many others! She is a true servant

  • My mom taught me to be emotionally strong after watching her go through so many trials in her life.

  • my fondest memories of my mother are just her holding and cuddling with me as a young child

  • Rhonda Nicholson

    My fondest memories are of learning to bake in the kitchen, and also teaching me new things when I became a mother!

  • Angel Miranda

    The fondest memory of my mother is her making me feel safe and lived. She is my best friend and to this day she still makes me feel the same way!

  • My mom always there for anything if I need advice about something or I need help with anything for my kids she’s a great person very caring sharing just a down to earth mom everyone sees my mom as their mom and she’s the greatest person in the world

  • karyn Smith

    My fondest memories are baking with my mother. . Still love it to this day!

  • tasha grice

    my fondest memory of my mother is her setting next to the hospital bed after my brain surgery when i was 5 years old

  • Lauren

    My foundest Memory with my mom is would always on Saturday morning make a big breakfest for us. She also is always there for me if I’m sick are in the hospital shes always by my side and will never leave me. She is the greatest mom you’ll ever meet.

  • Lisa Hart

    My mom being by my side when all of my kids were born. She helped a lot with my oldest cause I had him young. I have a great mom.

  • Amy Hyslop Carr

    My fondest memory was when she took me camping. It was the first time I’d ever been. We cooked hot dogs on sticks, rode bikes, and found clams in the river. It was amazing

  • The fondest memory of my mom is the time I was invited to a Halloween party and I didn’t have a costume and with money being tight we had no way to buy one. I was pretty upset all day in school, thinking I would not be able to go to the party, Well when I got home my mom had made me the best costume ever! Needless to say I got to go to the party and had a blast!

  • Masooma

    My fondest memory with my mom is going on grocery shopping trips!

  • Rita Paris

    Simply that she loved all of us.

  • danyelle

    My mom would love this

  • brittany

    Would love to win would come in handy thank you

  • crystal taylor

    just her always being there for me even when I grew into an adult and she’s still there for me

  • Tonia Zornes

    My fondest memory of my mom is one from the day I gave birth to my own daughter. I was having a c section and she went in with me, things didn’t go as planned. My daughter was unresponsive and I was bleeding out when I looked over my shoulder to see her scared to death for me and my daughter. I told her not to leave my daughter’s side for one second to go with her. I knew that it was a hard decision to make but she did and we all pulled through fine. It was her strength in times like those I remember so well. She never falls apart no matter the situation .

  • Angela hale

    My fondest memories continue to grow. Even at 37 years old all way back to a baby my mother has taught and continuesbto teach me how to be a great mom, wife and person . my mother is my idol.

  • Jennifer Phillips

    There are so many memories to choose from, but I would say it would be when she went way out of her way to help a friend of mine get out of an abusive situation. She almost went to jail protecting my friend, but probably saved her life in doing so. It ended up wonderfully for all involved, but at the time it was a scary situation, and my Mom was so strong through it all. She really showed me what a woman could do, and what a beautifully caring person she was, even for someone she didn’t really know up until then. I learned a lot about caring and helping others from my Mom and I am so thankful for all of the lessons learned.

  • Linda Levine

    My fondest memory is being part of my mom’s second pregnancy. I was 10 and got to go to her doctor appointments, go to her Lamaze class (and watch a birthing video) and be there while she was in labor. I even got to hold my brother right after he was born. It was a great way to learn about what mom’s go through to bring their children into the world.

  • velder dixon

    reading the bible together

  • My Fondest Memory of my mother is when I was age 5 1960, we went for a walk together Hand In Hand, I remember thinking how Big her hand was compared to mine and thinking how loved and Secure I felt!

  • marisela zuniga

    There are way too many memories to choose from bur one of my fondest memories of my mom is when she would tickle me and fill me up with kisses!

  • Amber Folkner

    My fondest memory with my mother is truly every single day. She literally is my best friend. But if I must limit it to one particular time, probably when we watched all of the seasons of The Walking Dead together, and we cried so many times. It was just a relaxing way of bonding, basically.

  • Amy C.

    My fondest memory of my mother was how special and loved she always made me feel…to this day!

  • Sheila Vives

    My fondest memory is going to the 5 and 10 store with my mom, where we would always have a grilled cheese sandwich and a chocolate malt, shop a little then go to my favorite park.

  • Larry lee

    my memory of my mom going on all the field trips in grade school

  • Anuja Jayaraj

    My fondest memory of my mom is when she flew for the first time all alone to see me when i was down and needed her. She has arthritis and cannot sit in flight for too long. She ignored all those sufferings to come see me and gave me a shoulder to cry and her soothing and positive words made me feel great and strong.

  • Amy Dragna

    my fondest memory of my mother was when she surprised me by flying in for my baby shower. I was already a bit sad that she was missing my pregnancy and I was so happy she was able to be a part of it. Growing up in a single parent household my mom always made sure her kids had everything they needed. She sacrificed on more than one occasion. She’s amazingly generous and compassionate.

  • Kim

    One of my fondest memories is when my mom would pick us up lunch and take it to the park everyday before I went to kindergarden
    I think about that all the time and now I do the same with
    My daughter and hope she cherishes just as much as I do

  • Ed Gibson


  • Jean Allison-Dahl

    My Mom was the kindest person I have ever known. She not only took care of our family but she also took care of the elderly on third shift so she was always home when we were awake. In her later years, she was the friend I could tell anything to. She would stop at nothing to make sure others had what they need even if she went without. I so miss her. She was/is my rock!

  • Stephanie Ludwig

    My mom taking us to the library.

  • Betty N

    Fondest memories are helping her bake in the kitchen.

  • Debbie Terry

    My mom was older and didn’t really get down and play like younger moms. So the moment I most remember is when I “shot” her with my “gun” ( sounds horrible now but this was in 1957) while she was doing dishes and she fell to the ground. It was such a surprise that I remember it vividly to this day!

  • Derrick Johnson

    The fondest memory of my Mom is when she picked me up from school in the family car and we talk about the day that I had in school. It was a small but great bonding moments that I really didn’t appreciate more until high school and I was using the bus. Those were nice moments where we simply talked to each other;those days were precious.

  • Brenda E

    My fondest memory of my mother is on weekends when my dad and brother would be gone on a Boy Scout trip, she would make our favorite meal (what my dad and brother didn’t like).

  • christie lopanec

    my mother loved to square dance and i remember her in her big petticoat tearing it up!

  • Ashley Pigue

    When I gave birth to my first child. My mom was right by my side. It was an unforgettable moment for us both.

  • Michelle Sutcliffe

    I wasn’t raised by my Mom so my fondest memory is when she met my daughter.

  • savannah s

    My fondest memory would be just out of nowhere taking random road trips. From going to local fhost towns or california to visiting family in Texas. What better way to have fun than to learn that going on adventures to no where can make you feel so happy. I want to do this when my kids get older as well. Show them you can just do anything your heart desires!

  • Crystal

    My fondest memory of my mom is that her love is unconditional she is always there for me even now in the distance I take with me her advices and love, I have learned a lot about her, she is very intelligent and kind, I’m a blessed daughter. She made a great job with me.
    Thank you!

  • Candace Galan-Calderon

    Unfortunately, I have a mother that wasn’t much of a mother and it’s hard to think of a fond memory but there were times we had fun together. She was a fun person but that was mainly the problem, she was more of a friend than a mother.

  • Rachael

    My mom flying down to be by my side when I had my miscarriage. My mom hates to fly.

  • Barbara Mayes

    the sweetest memory I have of my momma is when I was a kid, we had made plans for the weekend to go to the mall. I was so excited. However, when I woke up my head hurt so bad and I hurt everywhere. I had the flu. I had to stay home while momma and my two brothers left for the mall. I was so sad, I cried my eyes out. not only did I feel like poo, but I couldn’t go to the mall with my family. When they returned, I felt worse than ever. Mom came walking into my room with a beautiful yellow easter dress, complete with a pearl necklace. I was so happy that she thought of me while they were out having fun!

  • Loraine

    My fondest memory with my mother is hanging out in Germany on the patio garden.

  • Alisson H.

    Awesome prize pack, would love to win!