New office supply finds

While I was spending time with my husband’s family in Bear Lake, we took a little drive over to this tiny town named Montpelier and visited KINGS. Every year his family goes there to buy random toys or craft items. It’s basically a big value/discount store. Of course I got caught up in the school supplies section and grabbed some Avery Hello Badges , a mini red composition notebook, and some to/from labels I had never seen before. I couldn’t resist buying some hot pink rope (used for boating I think) to use for wrapping presents and other projects. And while I was at the DI in Logan, I grabbed this nifty green pencil case.

Now that we are back from our trip, it’s time to get ready for our move. In 3 weeks we will be moving to Boston! I’m all sorts of emotions about it but mostly excited. Excited to move to a really fun area (Cambridge) and to go from a studio to a one bedroom. Now we have the task ahead of packing and sorting through all our stuff. Did I mention that I have at least 4 boxes and cupboards full of different office/art supplies?