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Office Pranks

Have you done anything like this?
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How many of you would go home for the day if your office looked like this?

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This one gives me a headache.

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So much for a nice company photo.

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Look where you are sitting, that could leave a mark.

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Happy Holidays!

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Nicely Done!

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How did they get him to stay up there while they were ducktaping him to the ceiling?

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What a mess! I hope they hope they had a good clean up crew.

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Very Shinny!

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6 Responses to Office Pranks

  1. julie parker says:


    That was cute but more than that… I got some great ideas… my coworkers had better be on the look out…

    The Prankster Gangster is on the prowl …. grrrrr

    ha ha ha


  2. TyLLy_4 says:

    I love the one where they filled up the cubicle with packing peanuts :D :D :D

    thats a joke for the lazy. Easy to do, not to expensive yet funny as hell …. might use it

  3. Oh man I am really surprised,
    Where did you brought these images? Well,all these are amazing for me but I got afraid to see how they tapped a young guy with ceiling .