Office Supplies Color Match V.10

I discovered this office dominated by nature on the Athas Blog. It was created by Tres Birds Workshop in downtown Denver to encourage people to come outside for fresh air breaks and stop being chained to their desks!

The installation made up of part vintage office furniture and part 100% live vegetation reminds us not to let office overgrowth affect a healthy relationship with the outdoors. All of the vegetation used in the installation were reused + recycled afterward.

Someday I’m hoping to live in a office (or apt) with a back porch so I can work outside all day. That probably won’t happen any time soon so I may have to settle for some plants and some natural looking office supplies. I love this silver Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil that I found. You don’t have to click or twist to get the lead to come out. It automatically senses it and knows to give you more lead. Cool right?