Office Supplies Design Winners- IDSA 2008

 The following are winners of IDSA‘s 2008 IDEA ( International Design Excellence Awards ). The below chosen few designs are particularly office environment oriented, which I hope will inspire our blog reader to the possibilities that are inherent in your everyday office cubicles.

Jelly Click

Student Designs
Client: Samsung Design Membership (South Korea)
Design: Wooteik Lim (South Korea), Bongkun Shin (South Korea), Heungkyo Seo (South Korea), Jiwoong Hwang (South Korea)

Laptop mice are generally smaller than desktop devices, which can cause the user’s hand to tire easily. Jelly Click is a mouse for laptops that offers enhanced usability and portability. Users simply inflate it to the size that best suits their hand. Its soft texture provides a comfortable surface on which the hand can rest, and its delicate color produces a different experience from an ordinary desktop mouse. When not in use, just deflate Jelly Click for ultimate portability.

Tippi Micro Gel Grips

Office & Productivity
Client: VWP (U.S.)
Design: Peter Bristol, IDSA (U.S.)

Tippi Micro Gel Grips are simple devices that provide a simple benefit: fingertip coverings that enhance performance during repetitive and tedious tasks, such as paper handling and sorting, scrapbooking and archiving. These small, colorful rubber grips are worn on the fingertips. Designed to outperform existing products, they liven up tasks and bring a ray of fun into a mundane product landscape.

Trace of Time

Student Designs
Client: Royal College of Art (Britain)
Design: Ilgu Cha (Britain)

The Trace of Time clock not only tells the time but provides a place for users to make notes: The face of the clock is made of laminated whiteboard. Messages are erased by means of the integrated eraser.

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