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What is a true customer?

According to dictionary .com a customer is “a person who purchases goods or services from another; buyer; patron.”.

This statement is a wonderful depiction of the word customer, however there are so many other aspects of a true customer. A true customer is a not only a buyer of goods or services but can easily be defined as a buyer of a “relationship”. When I refer to this word “relationship” I am encompassing many aspects of the buyer -salesman relationship. From the growth of this relationship we can compare it to the method of caring for a household plant. If this plant is not watered or trimmed or taken care of the plant will fall ill, turn brown and die. AS I have seen in recent years customers want to be pampered in every sense of the word. The “customer is always right” theory is playing a role on a much grander scale these days in this horrible economy customers want everything for nothing…To continue and build this “relationship” it will need a perfectly molded structure of on time delivery, complete shipments, a perfect charge to a credit card and even a wonderful manicured UPS driver. Salesman around the world please get together and build a relationship with your customers, they are your greatest assets…..

Until next week….