Office Supplies That Go BLING

I heard about gold covered cell phones a while back. I began to wonder what other products did people think of covering with gold. Well, the answer is lots and lots. Gold, for many, brings a sense of prestige, success and classiness – personally, I have always favored Silver. Anyway, I compiled my favorite gold covered office items that most of us will never be able to afford. This guide is perfect for those who want to show off their new promotion, or who just signed a contract on an Hip Hop label – or maybe just to match their current office in El Dorado.

gold office supplies

The Gold Office Supplies

To start off, why not exchange all your current office supplies with some “bling bling” ones. These are authentic 23kt Gold platted stationaries, and will get the attention of your coworkers. You can see more here. I imagine Donald’s Trump Office is filled with these products- he is always so subtle about his fortune.

Gold usb hub

The Gold Hub

Well, this one you probably can afford. The USB hub, from Thanko is in the shape of block of solid gold, which, of course, it isn’t. However, it does have some use, with its eight usb ports into which you can plug your various USB gadgets. This little gem goes for about $79, which is fair price compared to similar products.

gold iphone

The Gold Iphone

In case just having an iPhone isn’t good enough of a statement for you, you can have an iPhone plated in 24 carat gold. I’m not going to say it looks bad, it’s looks rather nice and expensive (and it’s an Iphone), but I will say the concept is a little over the top and a bit ridiculous. If you were scared of getting your Iphone stolen, well definitively don’t get the gold covered one. Once it is out of your sight, I promise you will not see it again.

gold mac book air

The Gold Mac Book Air

The folks at Computer Choppers bring ElDorado to reality with this MacBook Air covered in gold and crystals. 24kt gold plating cover the entire laptop and, an Apple logo is ensconced in multi-colored sapphires – not to mention a polished gold SuperDrive to go along with it. I didn’t dare look up the price because I am sure it would make me quite upset. If your eyes can take it, you can find a few more pics at the Computer Chopper website.

gold printer

The Gold Printer

In this display is is a 24-carat gold HP Laserjet p2015. Presented at the GITEX show somewhere in Dubai, this working prototype is up for auction with a starting price of US$299 or about a Benjamin less than the printer costs without all that gold. Why did they choose a to cover this LaserJet in gold? Heck, I have no idea, but I will let you know if we learn anything new about the subject.

The Gold Porsche

If all the above items were not enough to show off your new promotion, there is always the solution of getting yourself a gold Porsche. This one though is only gold leafed. The guy doing this has lovingly applied around 25 sheets of gold leaf to the left front fender – see more pics here. Using some basic, if inaccurate math, that’s 100 sheets for the fender and maybe 1,000 for the car. It may not be solid gold, but this car will still guarantees you to get quite a bit of attention while cruising down the streets.

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