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Olympic Usb Drives

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The 2008 Summer Olympics debuted in Beijing with one of the most impressive and the most expensive opening ceremony. Beijing based company Lenovo, one of the first partners of the Olympics, released several official series of Usb flash drive inspired the events – probably in an attempt to make back some of the money poured into the sponsorship program.

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The first Usb Drive released is made out of the has the same material as the Olympic torch. The $980 RMB 4GB thumbdrive features the game logo in the center which is surrounded by some swirly cloud in red.

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The Mascot-series consists of six 4GB flash drives with their front side printed with a Fuwa image and the one with the Beijing Olympic logo. This set goes for $199 RMB.

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The third set is five medallions, engraved with the Fuwa characters (and is said to be USB drive as well, though the port is mysteriously hidden in the pictures). Sadly they are sold out, so you will just have to be on the lookout on Ebay.

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The last set was released only in very limited amount – 10 to be exact – and contains with five 1GB titanium drives with swiveling USB plug and the mascots engraved . The set comes into a mahogany box. How classy

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