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Pendaflex Doodle-Erase Review

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The other day, our Esselte rep came in showing off some of these cool file folders- the Pendalfex Doodle Erase File Folders. I’m always into items that I can write on so I got one to try out. Whenever I have a random thought or task to remember it’s nice to have something handy to write on and it’s an extra plus that they are erasable!

Here’s my green Doodle Erase:

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It’s really easy to write on these with dry erase markers. I have the mini Quartet Rewritables that have a little eraser on the end. They are perfect to use with this file folder! I did find that the stuff I had written a week or so ago left a little ghost on the folder but when I write on it and erase within a few minutes there is no ghost.

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Besides writing on them with dry-erase, why not use permanent! This idea sounded crazy to me but it totally works. Esselte recommends using a pencil eraser to get the permanent marker off. This is what happened to me:

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My pencil eraser started to shed and combined forces with permanent marker and it just smeared everywhere. I can’t get it off! This is what I recommend:
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Just use a kleenex and a little fingernail action through the kleenex (just like you would to scrap off something you spilled on your shirt) and it wipes off perfectly!

Here’s the product video from Esselte if you want more info: Watch it here.

One warning I will give you is to NOT use regular pens. I know that I have a tendency to press hard when I write but this folder material is very easy to engrave. You can wipe off the pen ink with a kleenex but pretty soon you will have a very bumpy surface, covered with markings. My personal recommendation is to stick with dry-erase and felt tip markers. Those seem to be the easiest.

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  1. Phil Usher says:

    Good idea! Reusable too! Trying to cram meaningful information about a file’s contents on those tiny tab labels is frustrating. I’ll have to check those out next time we update our file storage.

  2. Those file folders look cool and they are re-usable too. I don’t know how many times I have thrown away perfectly good file folders because they were written on and I didn’t have a way to over-write it.