Ping Pong Table for the Office

I want one. I know it seems like a distraction and that it is probably unnecessary but it’s not. It’s so fun! And I promise I wouldn’t waste time at work. Only time after work or maybe during lunch. We had a ping pong tournament at my last job that got pretty competitive. The winner even got free movie tickets! I won the consolation bracket but I had the strange feeling that the guy wasn’t too happy and I never got my movie tickets…lame right? So now I’m pushing for it at Shoplet Headquarters. Why have a conference table that is just a conference table? Objects with a dual purpose are always much cooler.

Google Ping Pong Table


Strange Opponents(Make new heads that look like some of the employees at your company! What a fun way to release anger, i mean practice.)


Ping Pong Desk


Ping Meets Pong(Meet to play and dine.)

(Have a company cafeteria? This way everyone can get a table! I hate waiting for people to play.)

Meet at the Ping Pong Table (Be willing to sacrifice comfort to get that table.)

Mirror Ping Pong Table(Wouldn’t this be a great conversation piece for new clients coming in your office? Just don’t get mad during game and slam your paddle or fists the table. That would be really bad news.)

Any Table a Ping Pong Table (All you need is the cloth and the net. And preferably a bigger table.)

Ping Ping Door(Make your own or buy one. All you need is a door that you can cut out, enough space, and to a building a folding ping pong table. Kind of small, but really cool looking)


Don’t you want this?
HH ping-pong room

Okay so lets talk about options.  Most likely your company won’t spring for a brand new ping pong table (if they will, great!!)  Plan B: get a new table that will be ping pong compatible. Office furniture can be pretty expensive, but we have lots of tables on sale at!

You could get a Folding Table, perfect for meetings, lunches, parties, and umm ping pong.

Adjustable-Height Folding Table by Iceberg

Or go for the classy look of wood conference room tables.
Wood Bullnose Rectangular Conference Table Top by Chromcraft

Do you play ping pong at your office? Give everyone some good reasons they can pass on to their boss of why a ping pong table is crucial to the success of the company. Or give us some other great ideas of how you could install one sneakily in your work area.

  • Dale

    Who can point me in the direction of a version of ping pong that is “quiet” — We might want to have an ability to play ping pong in a conference room, but the noise of “ball against table” and “ball against racket” would not be well received by others around us. So is there such thing as quiet ping pong?

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  • I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  • Good innovative idea. True, objects with a dual purpose are always cooler. When stressed out you need to relax and what best than having a ping pong table in your office. I like the cafeteria table.

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  • Lisa

    Yea it would be awesome to have one at my job. I like the mirror one!