Play Shoplet’s Treasure Hunt

treasure-hunt has a fun, new commercial!

Watch our informative, animated commercial and learn about Shoplet’s free e-procurement tools. Even if you have used e-procurement in the past, you may not be taking advantage of all e-procurement has to offer. If you’re ordering for your business, you can even schedule an e-procurement demo. Don’t wait – learn how you can become the office hero!

Here’s the fun part; look for the “treasures” in the video. They are Shoplet logo price tags that contain a code. Enter all the codes here and receive up to 10% off your next order!

Here’s how to play:

1. Find all the “treasure code price tags” hidden within the video
2. Enter the codes contained in the “price tags” here
3. “LIKE” Shoplet on Facebook; share this video on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and/or Google+

Did you find all the treasures? Share our Treasure Hunt with your friends so they can win too!