Post It – A Cinematographic Masterpiece

Remember the days when office supplies were just another bland tool for the office, their utilitarian existence could trouble you less to their state of well-being unless they were seriously distorted, maimed, or missing? Well, things might have changed for the office supplies industry. Certain prominent members of the office supplies family have made it into mainstream pop culture to become the indispensable heart and soul of budding artists, becoming the essential medium of expressiveness for which without, the art looses its impact.

Below is Jeff Chiba Stearns‘s work, he uses the post it as the backdrop to the unfolding of his comical and quirky post it notes animations.See the fantastic video below. Check out our other spectacular posts on post its now! Check out Post it – The 2nd Generation if you want to take a look at how post its have evolved since its inception. Check out Post It Art: 8 Bit Edition, if you want to see nostalgic video-game characters reconstructed in these versatile post its!Subscribe to our blog today, to be the first one to be updated about our interesting posts!