post it the 2nd generation

We love post it notes! What would we do without these colorful squares that seem to pop up in all the most appropriate as well as inappropriate places? What would we do without the help of these little pieces of paper to help us organize, multi-task, as well as distillate our lives? The original post it brings color, functionality, creativity, and imagination to our lives. Due to our recent success on the posting of post-it notes art: 8-bit edition, and post-it note art. We looked around for the ideas that took post it to another level of usefulness and fun!

Post It Sculpture

Now not only are they functional, these morph pads become beautiful sculptures themselves and are a sight to behold. Mold your stress into these pads and watch beautiful museum pieces emerge from underneath your fingers. Who knew post-it notes is so therapeutic as well as they are functional? Thanks Geekologie.

Transparent Post It

Now I can mark my reading materials and remember my thought processes as I was reading it! Really wish this was in existence when I was in school! Thanks 3M.

Post It, But Pock It Too!

Hey, how come I didn’t think of this. Sigh, there goes my million dollar idea. Is it possible for post-its to get any more multifunctional? Thanks Yanko.

MIT reinvents the Post-It Notes

Can only be described as post-its on steroids. These post it notes are digitalized, can be managed through computers, can be sent through SMS, and can be tracked down through RFID tags, just in case you misplace them. Thanks engadget.

post it table 2

Post It Table

Great for spontaneous coffee table conversations and doodles. Mmm, and just in case you don’t have anything to write on in case you do meet your dream guy or gal. Thanks Boing Boing.

Post It Table 2

Table and stool in one! Thanks tom seymour.