posts from the past: 2007 & 2008

I’m thinking a lot of our readers might be newbies, subscribing sometime in the past year or maybe 2 years. We try not to repeat ourselves on the shoplet blog so there is a lot of content you might have missed if you haven’t been with us from the beginning. I didn’t start writing for the Shoplet blog until January of 2009 so there is a lot of content I’ve never read before either! Looking back through the posts, the following are some of our more interesting and popular posts from 2007 & 2008. (Above picture from the post: Office Supplies that can kill you. Lots and lots of crazy office weapons listed here)

Trendy Office Supply Hacks

The World’s largest office products

Hole punch- art from a hole puncher

Coolest Pens Ever

The new coming of the floppy disk

Binder clips into office weapons

Post it Notes Art

Work clothes- a retrospective

how to ask for a raise, and get promptly rejected
8 ways to go from slacker to genius at work