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Product Feature: The 3M Wrap Center


I guess I just have presents on my mind (you know that usually happens at the beginning of December when you start scrambling) and when I came across this wrap center I got way too excited. So I know at cost of $450 that each piece in this “wrap center” is meant to be marked up and sold individually but wouldn’t it be a dream come true to have this in your house?

The Wrap Center comes with 8 rolls with a holiday captions; 8 rolls with a holiday deer; 8 rolls with Christmas poinsettias; 8 rolls with Christmas ornaments; 8 rolls with Christmas stars and packages; 8 rolls with Christmas trees; 8 rolls with snowflakes; and 8 rolls with holiday trees. Plus a million scotch tape dispensers, cutters, gift tags, etc etc etc. Want it? We sell it. Get it Here.

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  1. mc says:

    I cant belive christmas has come round so fast, it seems to get faster each year and each year I leave shopping till the last min this year is no different either :P