real simple – new uses for office supplies

Favorite article for the day – Real Simple – New Uses for Office Supplies- I tried not to copy all of their pics to put on our blog but I really love all of the ideas so much!

{Above: Using rubber bands to decorate presents, electrical tape to identify party cups, name tags to introduce food, old calendars to wrap presents (i’ve done this!), dividers to organize your kitchen, erasers to replace missing earring backs}

{Above: Scissors to cut pizza!, Rubber bands to help your kids grip their cup, tape to clean your keyboard, post-it notes to clean your keyboard, ice cube trays to organize office supplies!, file folder labels to label cords.}

3 thoughts on “real simple – new uses for office supplies”

  1. James @ Shoplet says:

    Thanks so much for the comments, guys! Great to see reactions to our favorites supplies.

  2. Cara R. says:


  3. sara says:

    I love using tape to clean my work keyboard! It works great! I do wish Mac would create a flip bottom or a version for easier cleaning tho :)

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