Recycle Foam Core Board for Bright Packaging

A few months ago, I bought a giant piece of foam core board to attempt to mount a map that we had at our house to hang on the wall. My husband vetoed the idea because I had multiple pieces and the possibility of it coming together and looking nice was low and the amount of work required was high. (That’s how you know something is not worth your time.) So I was stuck with a giant piece of foam core board that I had carried on the subway all the way from the art supply store by FIT to my apt in the Bronx. Eventually it was mostly used to make inspiration boards for some girls in my neighborhood and I was left with a few small chunks. I used them a few times to photograph things for this blog (like this pic i took) but mostly they were just sitting around and I really just needed to throw them away.

Enter fun art project. Get out all your markers – sharpies, crayola, chart pack, etc – draw all over your scraps and chop them up with scissors. No matter what you draw in there it will probably look really cool chopped up. At first I was just thinking that I made fun confetti to throw around which is kind of fun. Then I realized how great these little pieces would be to pack and ship presents! I’ve got a lot of packing head of me so I will probably use them to box up my jewelry or something. How would you use them?

  • Love this!! :) This will make packing for my move to NYC so much more fun!