Recycled Hand Truck Chair

Multi-functional Hand Truck Chair

When my family moved from our first house, we did it all ourselves. Yeah it was a pretty miserable task but it definitely had it’s entertaining moments. Like playing around on hand trucks. I have this image in my head of climbing on to the hand truck, laying back and being whirled around.

These days hand trucks apparently can have a similar use, without the thrill. Think of all the cool old hand trucks you have in your warehouse or basement. Or at the local thrift store.  Not saying I know at all how to make one of these but it looks so clean and simple I want to be able to attempt it. Made by designer Philippe Peyridieu.

I was wondering if anyone had ever created a beautiful chair like this before, and discovered a patent put in for something very similar. I wonder if he was really depressed when he found out that someone else already made his great idea.

From Free Patents Online,

“A chair and hand truck combination is disclosed comprising a platform upon which a load may be set and removed, a pair of wheels partially supporting the platform, a back rest extending upwardly from the platform, and a pair of arm rests extending above the platform from the back rest.”

I guess his serves both purposes rather than one or the other. Don’t steal his idea!!! Just kidding, I don’t even know when that patent is from.

If you attempt it please let us know! And if you’re like me and get frustrated after 5 minutes and try and throw it.. well watch these videos for more productive uses of hand trucks.

Hand Truck Car

Hand Truck 360

Pallet Truck Tricks (I know I’m cheating by adding this one..but it’s really funny to watch people trying to drift on pallet trucks)

Hand Truck Ride

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